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The HAL Project News Blog - The Work for Autumn 2021

As you might recall from the NGC Transition Course 1, we are now in the 2017-2025 activation and cleanup of the reality field segments of the minor and major grids within the 3-9 pillar. 

And I can only recommend that you review the NGC Transition Course 1-2 and work with the material once more, including the other recommended classes in this post. It sets the tone of our work and where we are in the NGC process, which is the other leg of our inner work, i.e., we have our personal work, the outer reality circumstances and at the highest level, the NGC is doing its work.

This means, I wrote (pp 12-13): "that the higher systemic levels of our universe will disengage and reunite with the progressive realities, as we move further into 2021. Anything that could link the progressive reality grids to grids of the regressed, inverted and reverted parallel worlds will be cleared out, including templates and genetics which used to be part of the original pillar project, if the template and upper-level genetics are infected or inverted, and are not actively being worked with.

This clearing will only take place within the progressive grids, because the progressive worlds and the NGC have no jurisdiction in the regressed universes. The regressed zone and grids will follow other dynamics, controlled by the regressed races and their ideas of where they want to go. But as we know, the NGC will affect the humanoid genetics both inside and outside our system and these effects are yet to be revealed as we move into the NGC clearing of the 2-8 racial grid.

 What is left for pillar humans, who choose to return to the progressive grids and ways of existing, is the upgrading work with the remaining viable genetics, done with the goal of building the foundation of new possible futures. 

If you are new to the HAL Project Base Program constitutional work, begin with the free HAL Project Material.

Listen to the HAL Living Progression Work Autumn 2021

The Year to Come

The upcoming year offers windows of opportunity to catch the energies and genetics of the renewed holographic grids, and prepare for the first levels of the activation of the racial grids, which will begin their activation and clearing process in 2023.

What is equally important, is the preparation to meetup with the changes of the sun in 2022, as it opens up for infusions from DE2 and the next 3 years should thus be focused on working with the 1-7 pillar level of our organic bio-field, the energy system and the code systems to enable our physical vessel to follow the shift of the sun. Adapting to the DE2 energies are crucial in any attempt to reach the DE2 grids or any attempt to get back into the progression grids. The 3-9 cycle, we are in the middle of, is part of that transition.

This work includes our transformation of everyday life to meet the requirements of the progressive worlds as explained in the HAL Philosophy book. It is a matter of doing the transition into becoming a new type of human, and choosing to do what it takes to get there."

So, where are we in this work?

In many ways, all videos and new course material I have made so far are all within this work. I am adding in details of the work, renewing the developmental work with the HAL Transition Sciences and viewing our construction from new angels to allow us for a higher order work with our energy system and template.

The videos on the HAL Academy YT channel have also added into the transformation processes of the lower field structure, as well as the two courses; Extractions from the HAL Integration Class 5 and the HAL Integration Class 6.

What is left for us, to really nail the higher order holographic energies and their transition potentials is to grasp and work with the 3-9 Pillar Work dynamics, as explained in the NGC Transition Course 1, page 27.

We similarly need to contemplate upon the 12 Natural Laws of Energetic Utilization (p. 248 in the HAL Philosophy book):

The Natural Laws of Energy determine if the energies, we utilize in our energy system, will lead to progression or regression. When the energies are utilized correctly, we are allowed to reconnect to the reality holographic grids, and more energy will flow into our energy system via the base field and the organic holographic grid structure in the DE2. When utilized wrongly, the grids close down – step by step – until there is nothing left but regression and distortion.

1. The Law of Energetic Influence.

2. The Law of Proximity & Counterbalance.

3. The Law of Creational Projection and Amplification.

4. The Law of Correct Feedback and Reciprocity.

5. The Law of Higher and Lower Order Sciences.

6. The Law of the Cycles.

7. The Law of Cause and Effect.

8. The Law of Correct Function and Correct Use of Energy.

9. The Law of Correct Purpose and Correct Use of Genetics.

10. The Law of Correct Hierarchy and Emplacement.

11. The Law of Correct Use of Technology.

12. The Law of Continuation and Cyclic Renewal.

Meditate upon these Laws and write down what comes to mind.

And, into this information, we need to add the laws of relative reality, as explained in the HAL Completed Classes 1-2 because the fact that our world is divided into different jurisdictions and inner world zones, define what type of work we can do. Only if we change our vibration, can we exist within the outer and inner reality jurisdictions as they, for now, are being created around us.

So, I would recommend the following work for the weeks 30-39, which are in essence 9 weeks within the number 3, similar to the 3-9 pillar, and here redo the following Basic HAL Courses:

The HAL Completed Classes 1-2

The NGC Transition Courses 1-2 (incl. the HAL Philosophy book)

The Extractions from the HAL Integration Class 5

The HAL Integration Class 6

The HAL Academy YouTube videos 

Then, you are good to go with the new HAL Transition Science Courses......

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