The HAL Project News Blog - June 1st 2021

Monthly Blog – HAL Project News June 1 st 2021 In a way, I start all over today. At the end of May I climbed the largest mountain of what I had created throughout 2017-2021 and completed the teardown of it all. That is how it goes with utilized energy, where the influential sphere of energy and consciousness build up to a momentum and then, when the work with this energy and consciousness is done and completed, to tear it all down again. Construction and deconstruction. The goal with these self-generated energetic structures is to learn and understand – drawing in what is needed to accomplish this - and then, when integrated, to demolish the constructions and their entire content along with the ripple effect into other worlds of similar energy. Finalizing the creational work with a good cleanup that benefits the highest good of the many. The last 5 years have been focused on accessing and demolishing the artificial 4 th and 5 th dimensions, genetics and technologies along with t
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