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HAL Project News 21.10.2021

AURA or the Real Squid Game? Now.... I have not watched the new Netflix Series. And I am not going to. We have seen similar playouts. The theme is simple. Do whatever it takes to survive or die. Nothing new there.  However.... the dramatic pause here,,,, I am going to use the Squid Game as a narrative for something else. Its the perfect container, similar to an emptied out vector that can carry other components and then change the entirety into which the vector is operating. But, let us begin a whole other place and then end in the games. AUR Ascension...(AURA) I was looking a bit around on YT and FB to see where the good old lot had moved. I am deliberately not calling these people by any name - and I know many of you are still in the belief that augmented reality (AUR) is in the future. But do not be fooled. AUR can already make an avatar out of you. In any form of reality. The Internet is the passage....your phone or computer the interface system. Whatever you are is in the Cloud. T
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The HAL Project News September 24th 2021

On the Planetary Activation Cycle The main content of this transmission is verbalized in the HAL Project News September 24 th 2021 on the HAL Project YT Channel. Start with listening to that podcast. Background for the Sciences In the podcast I talk about the 5 hierarchical layers of dynamic energy for original human systems: Radiation – emission fields (waves) Vibration – vibration or resonance fields (magnetism)       Units – particle or cluster fields (atoms)                  Holographic – grid or lattice fields, fluctuating Crystalline – fixed fields The above fields are composed similar to scalar fields and are dynamic in nature because they permeate each other. The dynamics are in concordance with the properties of the energy in use within that field. As an example, the atoms are connected to a radiation-holographic-unit field (called the Higgs field in science). The properties of each field can be changed via alterations in the code systems. Background on the Way-Showers I

Where Does the HAL Project Differ?

Key words: Get up – Get Going....... There are two main sentences that must be understood when we talk about the HAL Project and its progression work: These are How to Develop the Personal Growth Potentials and How to Obtain Higher Awareness . It can be difficult to see where the HAL Project differs from the other alternatives that are out there, working with the same ideas, and in many ways – if I say that the HAL material is based upon higher order scientific concepts, that the higher awareness lifestyle is a philosophy and it is cross-disciplinary – it will not mean a lot to most. And most, I am sorry to say so, back out the moment I use words known from business and general science. The general lingo within the alternate reality field is different and based upon a mainly positive vibe. And the followers of this trend like it that way – it is an alternative to an unreconciling world full of pain and hardship. Made that way, if I may add. So, I get it. Been there, done that b

The HAL Project News Blog - The Work for Autumn 2021

As you might recall from the NGC Transition Course 1, we are now in the 2017-2025 activation and cleanup of the reality field segments of the minor and major grids within the 3-9 pillar.  And I can only recommend that you review the NGC Transition Course 1-2 and work with the material once more, including the other recommended classes in this post. It sets the tone of our work and where we are in the NGC process, which is the other leg of our inner work, i.e., we have our personal work, the outer reality circumstances and at the highest level, the NGC is doing its work. This means, I wrote (pp 12-13): "that the higher systemic levels of our universe will disengage and reunite with the progressive realities, as we move further into 2021. Anything that could link the progressive reality grids to grids of the regressed, inverted and reverted parallel worlds will be cleared out, including templates and genetics which used to be part of the original pillar project, if the template an